1. It lasts for 5-7 weeks on brow hair, and 7- 14 days on the skin! It will ‘grow out’ rather than fade, unlike regular brow tints.

2. Henna is a more natural alternative to regular brow tints or dyes. Henna helps to nourish, soften and condition the brows, while encouraging long-term brow growth. It will also penetrate through the entire hair shaft, and will grow-out, rather than fade like regular brow tint.

3. Henna delivers an amazing skin stain which gives the brows a filled-in look and can mimic the look of a cosmetic powder brow.

All Glance Henna shades can be mixed together. 

4. Free from ammonia and heavy metals.

5. A wonderful fragrance, as in all Glance products.

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Glance Henna like most brands of brow Henna contains a very small amount of PPD. Para-phenylenediamine, or otherwise known as PPD, is a common ingredient used in both hair and brow Henna/dye. Although many people can safely use these dyes, some people can experience sensitivity or allergic reactions to PPD. 

All Glance Henna products are all cruelty-free and kind to all animals and animal lovers.

The Glance Exfoliating Scrub will gently remove any build-up of skin to help to deliver a better skin stain and penetrate the brow hair effectively. It is highly recommended including this step in your Henna preparation on clients to deliver best results. Please ensure the client is suitable for exfoliation prior to adding in this step.

Glance Henna will stain the skin for 7-14 days and tint the brow hairs for 5-7 weeks. Darker colours will last longer than lighter shades. Oily skin may result in the Henna not lasting as long as usual.

Henna will penetrate the entire hair shaft to not only stain the surface of the hair (the reason why tints don’t last long). For this reason, henna will actually ‘grow out’ rather than fade like regular brow tints. It also helps to encourage long-term brow growth, which brow tint will not.

Henna can be used on brows that have been laminated, but requires a minimum two weeks gap prior to a lamination or after a lamination. It is vital that you DO NOT use Henna in a lamination procedure as doing so can snap or damage the brow hairs. Henna can actually help to soften and nourish the chemically treated laminated brows immensely once the two weeks minimum period after the lamination is over.

Glance Henna works on most skin types. A test patch 24-48 hours prior to the Henna treatment is recommended to ensure the client is suitable for Henna. Clients with normal-drier skin types will find they will retain the skin stain quite well, as well as the colour in their brows. Clients with very oily/dry skin will find that the skin stain may not be as prominent and may fade more quickly. Aftercare is also an important part in retaining the Henna on both the skin and hair. Please advise your clients on tips to keeping their Henna lasting longer, such as avoiding the use of micellar or other stripping and drying cleansers and avoiding scrubbing the skin in the initial stages after treatment when the skin stain is still visible to keep it lasting as long as possible.

Glance Henna is a Brazilian brand, but internationally renowned for its quality, quick development time and pleasant scent.

Henna in general is a more suitable option for sensitive skin types in comparison to brow tint, however it is recommended that a patch test is performed on the client and appropriate questions are asked in order to ensure the client will be a suitable candidate for Henna.